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    Black T Shirt Design With Embossed Print

    ৳ 450.00
    • Department: ‎ Men
    • Material: China Cotton
    • Size: Large
    • Brand: Express 
    • Color: Black
    • Origin: Made in Bangladesh

    Cutter Knife For Chef Tuomei 9in

    ৳ 295.00
    1. Professional stainless steel material.
    2. The steam of the world's top ten countries knifes deep cryogenic treatment.
    3. New ergonomic handle, feel doubly comfortable grip.
    4. Import rubber wheel abrasive technology, flank colorful color.
    5. Manual processes as much as 12 blade grinding, sharp and shining.
    6. Supports cutting-edge design, more fashion, bringing a new chef experience.
    • Material: Stainless steel
    • Length: 15in
    • Width: 2in
    • Weight: 183g
    • Origin: Made in China

    Dangle And Drop Earrings Heart Shape

    ৳ 600.00
    The Heart Shape Dangle And Drop Earrings are simply precious and adorable. The suspended heart-shaped stones resemble original diamonds. Perfect fit for casual usage. Enhance your beauty and affordability at the same time.
    • Type: Imitation
    • Origin: UK

    Imported Nanette Lepore Handbag USA

    ৳ 10,500.00
    Nanette Lepore Designer Handbag/ Vegan Leather Handbag Ladies With Class/ Superior Quality Handbag For The Young Adults/ Leather Gag, Leather Accessory, Ladies Purse Specifications:
    • Material: Vegan Leather
    • Length: 10 in
    • Width: 16 in  
    • Capacity: Three chambers and two pockets with zippers on the middle chamber
    • Color: Lemon
    • Weight: 517 g
    • Origin: Imported and made in the USA
    100% Authentic

    Indian Digital Banarasi

    ৳ 2,500.00
    The Indian Digital Banarasi three piece/3 piece represents style and taste.  Have your dress tailored with this 3 piece. Specifications: 
    • Top Fabric: Satin Georgette with embroidery and Diamond Work
    • Inner & Bottom: Dull Santoon
    • Dupatta: Digital Banarasi Dupatta

    Leather Wallet For Men

    ৳ 550.00
    Local made Luis Vuitton Wallet Features:
    1. The money bag has two chambers
    2. Two card slots, one with transparent exterior
    3. Total six small pockets
    4. Genuine cowhide leather
    5. Durable and Trendy

    Margot Genuine Leather Handbag USA

    ৳ 14,500.00
    Margot leather bag is an absolute class / Leather handbag Of Choice For Elegant Ladies Like You / The Leather Handbag Is Perfect For Casual or Party Social Settings / Purse That Attests To Your Style And Unique Fashion Taste Specifications:
    • Material: Genuine Leather
    • Length: 12.5 in
    • Width: 16 in  
    • Capacity: Single chamber and two inner pockets with zippers as well as two outer pockets
    • Color: Brown (as shown in the picture)
    • Weight: 620 g
    • Origin: Imported and made in the USA
    100% Authentic

    Narcissistic Personality Disorder

    ৳ 1,500.00
    SHOULD I STAY OR SHOULD I GO is an original paperback, first-hand reading after buying from Amazon USA. Author: Ramani Durvasula, Ph.D. Book Type: Paperback Used. Condition: Almost New  

    Plastic Box For Storage

    ৳ 1,600.00
    Tupperware Freezer Mate Set The Freezer Mate Set is ideal for preserving foods in the freezer. The set consists of 3 boxes of various sizes. Tupperware products are lightweight and non-breakable plastic containers. Ideal kitchen/cooking items. Large Container Dimensions(IN): L8 x W8 x H4 Large Container Capacity(L): 2.5 Smaller Containers Dimensions(IN): L6.5 x W6 x H3 Smaller Containers Capacity(L): 1.2  

    Silver Necklace Gold Coated

    ৳ 2,500.00
    Ingenuity and craftsmanship make the silver necklace look like genuine gold. Crimson, green, and stone rings added extra beauty. Elegant and cost-effective at the same time. Authenticity is guaranteed.
    • Type: Gold Coated Silver
    • Origin: Local

    Tupperware Tumbler

    ৳ 250.00
    Cup, Tumbler & Drinking Vessel Made Of Food-grade plastic by Tupperware - Superior Quality Drinkware. Specifications:
    • Capacity: 260 ml
    • Material: Food-grade plastic
    • Brand: Tupperware